Rondal Partridge

Rondal Partridge - Quizzical EyeQuizzical Eye

by Elizabeth Partridge & Sally Stein
Foreword by Daniel Dixon
Published by Heyday Books, 2003

Intimately associated with the great photographers of his time, Partridge has absorbed all the techniques his famous teachers could give him, yet he wears this professional lineage lightly, dedicating himself to following the paths down which his own strange genius leads him.

Quizzical Eye: The Photography of Rondal Partridge is filled with breathtakingly intimate portraits, devastating environmental statements, compositional wonders, and telling moments from six decades of American history‹the essential works of a man who has dedicated his long life to capturing single moments on film.

144 pages, more than 100 b&w duotone photographs, 10 x 11 inches
Price: $22.00