Current Exhibitions

Group F.64:

Founders and Followers

December 2, 2014-February 28, 2015


       GROUP F.64: Edward Weston, Ansel Adams, Imogen Cunningham
and the Community of Artists who  Revolutionized American Photography.
© 2014 Mary Street Alinder. Reprinted by permission of Bloomsbury.

SCOTT NICHOLS GALLERY is pleased to announce the exhibition Group F.64: Founders and Followers on view from Tuesday, December 2, 2014 to Saturday, February 28 2015.

The exhibition’s nearly 50 photographs follows the works of the Group F.64 members such as Ansel Adams, Edward Weston, Imogen Cunningham, Peter Stackpole and others.

49 Geary St. Suite 415 San Francisco, CA 94108 (415) 788-4641