George Tice: Seeing Beyond The Moment

by Peter Bosco, Bruce Wodder, and Douglas Underdahl

Long recognized for his deeply penetrating photographic record of America, George Tice works in the urban tradition of artists such as Edward Hopper and Walker Evans. From his home and studio in New Jersey, Tice shares his life and work spanning six decades and eighteen book projects.

Horace Bristol – The Compassionate Eye

by David Rabinovitch

In the mid-1950’s Horace Bristol vanished along with his photographs. For the first time on screen, the larger-than-life story of Horace Bristol, Photojournalist. Produced and directed by David Rabinovitch with an introduction and narration by Graham Nash.

Imogen Cunningham – Portrait of Imogen

by Meg Partridge

With a sharp wit and a unique perspective on photography, Imogen Cunningham reveals how she carved out her impressive career while maintaining a household and raising a family. In a professional career of 75 years, Imogen had an enormous influence on the aesthetics of American photography.

Dorothea Lange – A Visual Life

by Meg Partridge

This film is an engaging and penetrating look at a life devoted to photography, profiling the life and work of an artist who recorded some of the most evocative photographic images of the 20th century.

Dorothea Lange’s artistic achievements and untiring investigations into the diversity of American life and culture are presented through interviews with her sons and assistants.

Rondal Partridge – Outta My Light!

by Meg Partridge, Dyanna Taylor & Elizabeth Partridge

Spend a little time with Ron, as he explains his photographic process, from shooting to darkroom work. Working with a 2 1/4 to 8×10 camera, we see Rondal in his environment; shooting, developing, and finding photographic inspiration in the most ordinary objects.

Produced by Dyanna Taylor, granddaughter of Dorothea Lange and Elizabeth and Meg Partridge, Rondal Partridge’s daughters, this film is an intimate portrait of Rondal crafted by his own family.

Rondal Partridge – Pave It and Paint It Green

by Rondal Partridge

Never one to stand on protocol, Rondal Partridge took his 16mm camera into Yosemite National Park to uncover some of the inner workings of the Park and challenge the contemporary view of Yosemite in the 1960s.

This film extends Rondal’s photographic ‘voice’ as an outspoken and compassionate critic, using the medium of film as he uses photography – to show the impact of people upon our environment, often creating a statement that is difficult to ignore. And at the same time Rondal documents the cost of human transgressions upon the land, he also celebrates the alarming beauty of our world.