Imo & Friends: an exhibition featuring Imogen Cunningham, Dorothea Lange, Marion Post Wolcott, and Anne Brigman

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Imo & Friends

Imogen Cunningham, Dorothea Lange, Marion Post Wolcott, and Anne Brigman


Imogen Cunningham, The Unmade Bed. 1957

IMOGEN CUNNINGHAM, The Unmade Bed. 1957, Vintage gelatin silver print, 9 1/2″ x 12 3/8″


June 23 – September 19, 2022

Saturday, June 25, 12–5pm


Scott Nichols Gallery is pleased to announce Imo & Friends, an exhibition featuring the works of photographers Imogen Cunningham, Dorothea Lange, Marion Post Wolcott, and Anne Brigman. This exhibit follows the success of the recently finished Imogen Cunningham: A Retrospective at the Getty Center in Los Angeles, and runs in conjunction with the Sonoma Valley Museum of Art’s exhibition Seen & Unseen: Photographs by Imogen Cunningham, which is on view through August 28, 2022.

The reception for Imo & Friends coincides with an afternoon event at Sonoma Valley Museum of Art: Recollecting Imogen from Two Former Groupies, with California photographers Judy Dater and Chris Johnson, who both collaborated with Cunningham. Pre-registration with SVMA is required to attend.



IMOGEN CUNNINGHAM (1883-1976) was a prominent figure of bay area west coast photography movements in Pictorialism, Surrealism, and she was a founding member of Straight photography Group f/64. Cunningham is best known for her sharply detailed botanical imagery, direct (and occasionally unflattering) portraiture, and — photographs of dogs. The exhibition will feature works from Cunningham that span her 60-year career, including vintage photography, still life, portraiture, and later images which revisit her use of soft-focus lenses.


DOROTHEA LANGE (1895–1965) was a documentary photographer and photojournalist who captured Depression-era photographs for the Farm Security Administration, humanizing the consequences and impact of this event across the nation with her imagery. Her work illustrates the anxiety and uncertainty of these times — dilapidated homes among bleak scenery, lines of people waiting for provisions, and individuals comforting one another with obvious strain on their faces. Lange’s photography is not pretty; it depicts with unmistakable honesty, and therein lies its power.


MARION POST WOLCOTT (1910–1990) was a photographer working for the Farm Security Administration from 1938–1942 who documented poverty, deprivation, and the Jim Crow South during the Great Depression. She covered thousands of miles in the United States and produced more than 9,000 photographs during her roughly 4-year span at the FSA. Her work highlights domestic life, women’s labor, and lifestyle vignettes, illustrating the broad socioeconomic spectrum of the period.


ANNE BRIGMAN (1869-1950) was a member of the Photo-Secession movement who exhibited frequently and with great acclaim throughout the bay area and California from 1902–1936. She was adjunct to Group f/64, and a fixture in their social circle. Her work is known for its soft, dramatic depictions of the female form convening with nature, situated poetically within the landscape. Her photographs were primarily taken in the wild Sierra Nevadas, with herself or her sister as the model.



SCOTT NICHOLS GALLERY is a fine art photography gallery located in the Mercato Complex on Sonoma Square, in Sonoma, California. The gallery sells artist originals by established, up-and-coming, and contemporary photographers. Scott Nichols began his career as a private dealer in 1980, and is considered an expert on Group f/64 photography. His gallery houses one of the largest private collections of classic California photographers such as Ansel Adams, Edward Weston, Brett Weston, Dorothea Lange, Imogen Cunningham, Ruth Bernhard, Wynn Bullock, and William Garnett.

Scott Nichols Gallery is a member of the Association of International Photography Art Dealers (AIPAD). This is the 200th exhibition at Scott Nichols Gallery since the gallery opening in 1992.

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